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Sep. 9, 2021

Faces of the Pier: Tierra Scott

Please be aware that the content on this webpage was authored more than 6 months ago, so some information may be outdated or no longer accurate. Please visit our event calendar for information on current events.

Tierra Scott is a Guest Experience Ride Attendant at Navy Pier. We recently sat down with her to talk about her experience working at the Pier, and what she has been learning on the job.

What do you enjoy most about working at Navy Pier this summer?

One thing I most enjoy about working at Navy Pier this summer is the guest! What would Navy Pier be without them? I love when people are enjoying themselves, which makes me happy. Knowing that I am working hard to make people have a great day and enjoy the Pier, makes me love working at Navy Pier.

How has Navy Pier made a positive impact on you? How is your current job preparing you for the future?

Navy Pier has made an positive impact on me by going above and beyond for people and helping others. Navy Pier is called the People’s Pier, and so many people visit each day! It is preparing me for the future by teaching me not to be shy and also being able to learn how to help people.

Describe the valuable skills you are learning while working as a Guest Experience Ride Attendant at the Pier.

Some valuable skills I learn while working as a Guest Experience Ride Attendant is communication, listening, problem solving, and most of all: teamwork.

How would you describe Navy Pier to someone who has never been to the Pier before?

Navy Pier is an amazing place to go with your family. There are numerous things to do, from getting on boat rides, to mazes, the Children Museum, and most of all the Centennial Wheel. Wonderful people and great smiles.

As one of Chicago’s iconic cultural institutions – what does Navy Pier mean to you?

Navy Pier means a lot to me. I not only learn how to open up and express myself more, I learn how to be more of a people person. Navy Pier has changed my life, from my staff members to my boss.

What is your favorite experience/thing to do at the Pier and why?

My favorite thing to do at Navy Pier is to ride the Centennial Wheel, also known as the Ferris wheel! I ride at night time while downtown Chicago is filled with bright lights. I get to relax, take pictures and look at the great view at the top.

Most people who visit Navy Pier do not realize the Pier operates as a nonprofit and depends on fundraising from donors, what would you say to encourage someone to make a small contribution to Navy Pier ?

When you donate to Navy Pier you are helping to open up more programs at the Pier. We want people to have a fun time and have new things each time you come!


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