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FRÍO Gelato

FRÍO Gelato® is a Chicagoland artisanal gelato producer, artfully bringing Argentina’s gelato tradition to the U.S. Made by hand in an allergy-friendly, nut-free kitchen, FRÍO Gelato offers consumers a natural and unique dessert. From the ingredients and flavors to the serving techniques, guests can expect an authentic Argentine gelato experience with every visit. 

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More About FRÍO Gelato

If you’ve ever tried gelato, or Italian-style ice cream, you’re no doubt familiar with the delightfully rich flavors and thick texture of this slow-churned treat. More than 100 years ago, Italian immigrants introduced the art of gelato-making to Argentina, where local artisans combined time-honored techniques from the old country with Argentine ingredients. The effect was a distinctly new twist on gelato–served with a trademark Argentine swirl–that continues to be a local point of pride to this day. 

FRÍO Gelato founders Sebastián Koziura and Enrique Schcolnik fell in love with Argentine gelato growing up in their hometown of Buenos Aires. They later brought the craft to Chicago, opening their flagship store in Evanston, Illinois, in 2013. Since then, this family owned and operated business has launched three additional storefronts, including their newest location at Navy Pier (opening Spring 2019).

Guests stopping by FRÍO Gelato can expect to enjoy the finest artisinal sorbet and gelato, flavored with only real fruit and natural ingredients. Signature flavors include Banana Split (Banana with Streaks of Chocolate and Milk Caramel), Dulce de Leche Granizado (Milk Caramel Chocolate Chip), Higos al Cognac (Fig with Cognac), Limonazo (Limoncello with Vodka), Malbec con Frutos Rojos (Malbec Wine with Berries), Membrillo (Quince), Palta (Avocado), Tramontana (Vanilla Streaked with Milk Caramel and Chocolate Chips), and Yerba Mate (“Yerba Mate” Herbal Tea). Each batch is produced in a gluten-free and nut-free kitchen.

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