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Guest Safety

Learn about guest safety policies and procedures at Navy Pier. Navy Pier has a reputation for delivering a seamless entertainment experience to its guests for all of its many attractions. Navy Pier Guest Safety and Security furthers this reputation through its mission of ensuring an enjoyable visitor experience by providing a safe and orderly environment. To safeguard the security, welfare and safety of our visitors, tenants and staff, the Pier provides multiple and visible layers of security measures that cover the entire property as well as the parking facility, all monitored by personnel, canine officers and surveillance present 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additionally, the Chicago Police Department maintains a satellite facility on the Pier with a strong, visible police presence. Chicago Police canine detection officers frequently patrol areas of the Pier, including the adjacent Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus terminal.

The entire security staff is compliant with and operates under the Guidelines of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) relative to all planned events and emergency response incidents.

Join us in being vigilant of your surroundings during your visit to Navy Pier. Remember: If You See Something, Say Something. Navy Pier Security can be reached at 1-312-595-5296.

Guest Code of Conduct

Navy Pier Security maintains a Guest Code of Conduct which is strictly enforced. Guests who choose to act irresponsibly may be asked to leave the premises and may be subject to arrest and prosecution.

Youth Escort Policy (Guests Under the Age of 18)

For the comfort and safety of all guests, Navy Pier has put in place a youth escort policy for entrance to the Pier after 5 p.m. on all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Guests may be asked to present a valid driver’s license, state ID or military ID upon entering all Navy Pier’s facilities or grounds. Navy Pier guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the safety and conduct of minor guests in their party. The youth escort policy may be implemented at any time that management deems necessary to ensure the safety of our guest.

Public Safety Message

Do not leave any personal items, backpacks, packages or clothes unattended in any part of Navy Pier. Use designated areas to check your personal belongings or leave your personal items with a friend or family member. Always be mindful of the location of your purse and wallet in any crowded environment, especially restaurants. Never leave valuable items, such as your GPS, camera, phone, or laptop, exposed in a motor vehicle.

Please join us in being vigilant of your surroundings during your visit to Navy Pier. If you see a suspicious person, object or vehicle along or near Navy Pier, report the sighting to Navy Pier Security at 1-312-595-5296 or to law enforcement via 911.

Remember: If You See Something, Say Something.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and AEDs

Navy Pier provides certified paramedics and firefighters who comprise the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) team to deliver high-quality emergency medical care to anyone at the Pier who may require medical attention. Care is received in a compassionate, dignified and professional manner. EMS is equipped with a state certified response/patient transport vehicle to assist responding Chicago Fire Department personnel.

aedThere are also 26 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for definitive treatment of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias located throughout Navy Pier. The EMS team trains security officers in CPR and use of the onsite defibrillators. Training has been provided to many of the tenants and continues to be provided upon request.

Emergency Response for Visitors

Navy Pier has been built utilizing the highest standards of safety and fire resistive construction. The facility is equipped with sophisticated fire detection and protection systems with computerized alarms. In addition we remain in constant contact with the Chicago Police and Fire Departments, making Navy Pier an integral part of the City’s emergency response team.

As within any facility, certain circumstances requiring evacuation may occur. Navy Pier has highly trained Security and Life Safety staff to assist with any emergency. In the event of an emergency, we will consult with the organizer for each event to inform them of appropriate actions.

If the emergency is minor, such as a small fire, the Security and Life Safety staff may order visitors in the immediate area to move to a safe location within the same building. If the emergency is greater, the Chicago Fire Department or Navy Pier Life Safety Department will advise guests in the facility via the public announcement system and/or other means, and will most likely have guests move to another location within the building.

Since Navy Pier has many aspects to its facility, evacuation to the outside may not always be necessary. If conditions warrant evacuation, guests will be directed over the public address system or other amplification device to exit form the closest emergency exit and distance themselves from the building. Doors marked “STAIRS” also serve as emergency exits. In the event of a power failure, all emergency systems will remain operating on emergency backup power. Emergency exits are illuminated for greater visibility and accessibility.

Incident Alert Notice (IAN)

A color-coded Incident Alert Notice (IAN) communicates the current status of Navy Pier conditions to patrons daily. The levels range from Low (green), to Moderate (yellow), to High (red), based primarily on the weather, as well any unforeseen conditions.


Guests should remain alert for directions from security officials and take precautions to prepare properly for varying weather conditions on severe weather days.

  • Social media communications provide preparation tips based on advance weather forecasts. Follow Navy Pier on Twitter @NavyPier and visit our website www.navypier.org.
  • Updates or changes will be made using public address announcements on Navy Pier.
  • On any given day, the current Incident Alert System status will be communicated via public address announcements during an unusual occurrence.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found reporting location is the Guest Services desk directly inside the west front entry doors to Navy Pier. Please note that many tenant locations within the Pier maintain their own lost and found collection area. If you have an idea of where you were at the time of your loss, it’s always best to check first with that location before going to the Guest Services desk.

  • Property
    Navy Pier has partnered with Chicago tech startup Crowdfind to digitize the lost and found process. Search through the virtual lost and found bin, a visual inventory of found items. If you cannot locate your lost property, submit a general claim to make Navy Pier staff aware the item is missing. All tangible items will be held for 90 days, at which time it is donated to charity if unclaimed.
  • Separated Parties
    If you are separated from your child or parent, contact the nearest Security Officer or Guest Services Representative.


The United States Coast Guard and the Chicago Police Marine Unit provide vigilant protection and response to the waterways surrounding Navy Pier. Water flotation devices are strategically placed along the perimeter of the Pier and are immediately accessible during emergency situations. The Coast Guard employs a three-tiered system of Maritime Security (MARSEC) Levels. MARSEC signs are posted at every entry point onto the Pier. Navy Pier operates under MARSEC Level 1 unless otherwise posted.

marsec-level-1 marsec-level-2marsec-level-3

Weather Warnings

Navy Pier is committed to alerting our guests to any forecasted or sudden unforeseen threat of severe weather. The Security Control Center and Pier Park Operations staff continuously monitors the National Weather Service and Doppler Radar. We receive all severe weather notifications from the Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

  • Severe Weather Shelter Areas
    Look for these green and white signs posted at all safe interior locations along the entire complex leading to the first floor parking garage and interior hallways. We remind guests to never remain near or under exposed glass windows during a severe storm.
    Weather Shelter Area Sign
  • Storm Ready
    Navy Pier has been certified and designated a Storm Ready location by the National Weather Service.

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