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10 tasty snack options at navy pier 10

May. 15, 2020

10 Tasty Snack Options at Navy Pier

A day at Navy Pier is not complete without a delicious snack or two! Before, during or after your visit, try one of these tasty and quick treats from our on-site establishments.

This list highlights staff favorites as well as unique menu finds! Whether you’re craving salty, sweet or cheesy, we’re sure your taste buds will be happy.

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 3

1. Cinnamon Roasted Almonds: Completely Nuts

These sweet and warm roasted almonds are perfect for walking, snacking and shopping at the Pier.

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 7

2. French Fries: McDonald’s

Warm, salty, crispy and fried, McDonald’s French Fries are the perfect snack for salt-lovers. With various sizes on the menu, this snack can serve one or the entire family!

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 10

3. Fried Pickle Chips with Sriracha Ranch: Harry Caray’s Tavern

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and subtly salty, dip these Fried Pickle Chips into the spicy sriracha ranch for a multi-flavored snack experience.

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 5

4. Popcorn: Garrett Popcorn

Try the Garrett Mix featuring their world famous cheddar and caramel popcorn varieties. This crunchy and fresh popcorn mix combines two flavor profiles – cheesy and sweet!

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5. Hazelnut Macaron: Snow Dragon Shavery

This macaron will melt in your mouth, and the hazelnut flavor provides a delicious depth.

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 8

6. Pepperoni Pizza Pretzel: Ozzie’s Pops & Pretzels

Warm, salty and tasty with pepperoni, this pretzel is great for meat lovers snacking on the Pier.

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 9

7. Street Corn Nachos: Tiny Tavern

Ranchero tortilla chips served with Monterey jack cheese sauce, seasoned sweet corn, cotija cheese, cayenne pepper, topped with cilantro and served with pickled jalapenos and lime wedges. What more could you want?

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 6

8. “The Best” Tomato Bruschetta: Giordano’s

With fresh diced tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze on crispy garlic toast: this bruschetta will hit the spot with its fresh and savory ingredients.

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 4

9. Tramontana Cone: FRÍO Gelato

Vanilla gelato streaked with milk caramel and chocolate chips: This snack, which could also be a dessert after a meal at the Pier, is sweet, refreshing and filled with delicious flavors.

10 tasty snack options at navy pier 2

10. Turtle Cupcake: Brown Sugar Bakery

This tasty, soft and spongey cupcake is paired with flavors of chocolate and caramel for the ultimate sweet treat.


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