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Somos Arte Holiday Workshops

Holiday workshops that will ignite your creativity and immerse you in the spirit of the season

Somos Arte Holiday Workshops

Workshops Schedule

November 24 – Festive Train Decorating Workshop
November 25 – Holiday Candy Craft Workshop
November 26 – Nutcracker Magic Workshop
December 1 – Gingerbread Jamboree Workshop
December 2 – Ornament Odyssey Workshop
December 3 – Festive Train Decorating Workshop
December 8 – Holiday Candy Craft Workshop
December 9 – Nutcracker Magic Workshop
December 10 – Gingerbread Jamboree Workshop
December 15 – Ornament Workshop

Open 1PM-4PM & 5PM-8PM

December 16 – Festive Train Decorating Workshop
December 17 – Holiday Candy Craft Workshop
December 18 – Nutcracker Magic Workshop
December 19 – Gingerbread Jamboree Workshop
December 20 – Ornament Odyssey Workshop
December 21 – Festive Train Decorating Workshop
December 22 – Holiday Candy Craft & Nutcracker Magic Workshops
December 23 – Ornament Odyssey & Gingerbread Jamboree Workshops


Somos Arte Holiday Workshops Descriptions

Village Train Town Station

Holiday Express: Festive Train Decorating Workshop
Artist: Barret Keithley

Welcome to our enchanting Holiday Express: Festive Train Decorating Workshop! In this magical and creative workshop, imagination takes center stage as you transform train cards into festive holiday masterpieces. After decorating your holiday trains, make your mark on the Navy Pier community and place your car on our interactive snow globe mural in Train Town Station where miniature trains find their home in a winter wonderland. Join us in our joyful journey of art and imagination that brings holiday magic to guests of all ages, encouraging participants to be both artists and conductors of your own holiday adventure.

Candy Land City

Candy Land Creations: Holiday Candy Craft Workshop
Artist: Lorimar Matos

Join us in a delightful holiday adventure at our Candy land Creations: Holiday Candy Craft Workshop! Unleash your inner sweet tooth and artistic flair as you craft and decorate holiday themed candies. After crafting your sugary creations, watch as they come to life in our enchanting interactive snow globe mural in Candy Land City. It’s a unique blend of confectionery creativity and holiday magic, where you become the architect of a whimsical winter wonderland with your very own candy masterpieces.

Nutcracker Lane

Nutcracker Magic: Decorate and Create Mini Nutcracker Soldiers Workshop
Artist: Conrad

Step into a world of holiday enchantment at our Nutcracker Magic: Decorate and Create Mini Nutcracker Soldiers Workshop! Here, you can channel your artistic talents as you decorate and bring to life your very own nutcracker soldiers. Once your creations are complete, watch as they become part of an interactive snow globe mural down on Nutcracker Lane, where a whimsical holiday realm takes shape before your eyes. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that lets you play a starring role in the timeless story of the Nutcracker, while expressing your unique winter vision.

Gingerbread Village

Gingerbread Jamboree: Create and Decorate Gingerbread People
Artist: Cookie Kwan

Get ready for a sprinkle of holiday magic at our Gingerbread Jamboree’ workshop! Join us in the sweetest creative adventure, where you’ll decorate and personalize your very own gingerbread people. As the icing dries and the candies are carefully placed, these gingerbread friends will come to life on our interactive snow globe mural in the Gingerbread Village. You’ll watch your delectable characters find their place in a festive winter wonderland, making it a hands-on, heartwarming experience that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Silver Bells Springs

Ornament Odyssey: Holiday Ornament Decoration
Artist: Brionna Sorret

Embrace the holiday spirit at our Ornament Odyssey: Holiday Ornament decoration workshop! Discover the joy of crafting and decorating your very own holiday ornaments, making them as unique as the memories you’ll create. After your ornaments take shape, watch the magic unfold as they find their place on our interactive snow globe mural in Silver Bells Springs. This hands-on experience allows you to be a part of a captivating winter scene, where your artistic expression transforms into a visual masterpiece, making your holiday season extra special.


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