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Friday, July 27, 2018

Live on the Lake!: Trippin’ Billies

5:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Join us in the Miller Lite Beer Garden for a free, all-ages show with Dave Matthews cover band, Trippin’ Billies, and special guest, Chip Ratliff & The DirtyBluCrue!, part of Navy Pier’s free music and dance seriesLive on the Lake

Performance Schedule

Trippin’ Billies
Tribute Band – Dave Matthews Band
9pm – 10pm & 10:30pm – 11:30pm

Chip Ratliff  & The DirtyBluCrue!
5:30pm – 6:30pm & 7pm – 8pm

About the Performers

Trippin’ Billies

Born in the pubs on the north side of Chicago, reminiscent of Luther’s College, Trippin Billies took to the “stages” of these small rooms in the early nineties as an acoustic duo. It wasn’t long before lines grew to long for the small bars and calls started coming in from around the Midwest. As a result the band was forced to rise to the occasion, and they’ve done just that. Having the luxury of living in a city called home to many great musicians, Trippin Billies is comprised of some of Chicago’s best. This talent coupled with their mutual love of high energy performance has moved them above the bar band circuit and into concert settings. Whether it’s a club in Iowa City, a Hockey arena in North Dakota or a summer festival in Rochester, New York or Lincoln, Nebraska, the show is always the same, just that, a show.

Their tour schedules have come to resemble that of the Dave Matthews Band before their ascension to their current status. Midsize venues sell out consistently across the country and the famous theatres whose names were once inked on the cover of DMB boot legs listened to by the band, now comprise the tour schedule of Trippin Billies. The theatres they once approached with trepidation and awe have now come to feel like home.

Talent buyers need only contact the agent and request Pollstar box office summaries to see the drawing power of Trippin Billies. Many DMB tributes have come and gone but none have become such a permanent facet of the Dave Matthews Band movement and for that they are extremely grateful. The idea was to amass the six best musicians and create a concert atmosphere that leaves people with dropped jaws, eagerly waiting until the next appearance. They feel they have done just that. Crowds keep growing…. sound engineers vie for a chance to mix…calls from all over the US come in and people hit the website so much that the e-mailer doubles itself every few months. Trippin Billies is grateful to the fans, intuitive agents and to Dave himself for helping to draw attention to their efforts in national publications. Hopefully they’ll see you out on the road.

Learn more at trippinbilles.com

Chip Ratliff  & The DirtyBluCrue!

Although Chip Ratliff has planted his feet solidly on funky ground, he is dedicated to not just rehashing classic funk jams, but to taking funk & soul to new heights. This talented bassist/writer/producer’s music has all of the great characteristics of old school funk, but it also absorbs the best of contemporary soul, rock, urban blues, jazz, and hip-hop to propel his music forward. . . producing music he calls “HipFunk”! This has led Chip into a new chapter in his music career with the formation of his original funk/soul/urban blues/rock project, Chip Ratliff & the DirtyBluCrue! With this band, Chip takes his own ≈originality and talent, infuses it with the sophisticated funk and showmanship of Prince, the tightness of any one of James Brown’s bands, the grit and excitement of Chicago Blues, the extended live jams of a Parliament-Funkadelic show, combines it into one big pot and serves it hot!

 Born and raised in Chicago, IL , Chip wrote his first song (along with his uncle, bluesman Fernando Jones who is only 1 year his senior) at the ripe old age of 6! Chip had no choice but to absorb the rich music scene all around him. Having a musical family didn’t hurt either. Chip’s grandfather played guitar with B.B. King in the late ’40’s & early ’50’s; his father played everything from blues to funk all night, every night on the family hi-fi; Chicago Blues legend, Lefty Dizz, is his cousin; and his uncles were accomplished singers and musicians. When most kids would spend Sunday afternoons after church playing outside or watching T.V., Chip (with bass in tow) and his uncles would have weekly jam sessions at his grandmothers house. . . either learning the latest jam or revisiting a classic cut until they were forced to shut it down! So, to say music is in his blood, would be a bit of an understatement.

Chip cut his teeth at the feet of Chicago Blues masters. Sharing the stage with a list of who’s who, including Buddy Guy, Jr. Wells, Lefty Dizz, Ronnie Baker Brooks, members of The Lonnie Brooks Band, Fernando Jones, the legendary Willie Dixon, and countless others, Chip gained invaluable experience in musicianship, performance, and composition that has propelled him into the dynamic artist that he is today. He has excited audiences worldwide with his sincere, high energy live performances, and exceptional (often dazzling) bass playing. He has contributed soundtrack work for films, scored a local television commercial, been featured on radio (WGCI, WXRT, WVON), television (WGN, WBBM, WLS), has created a mulit-media educational program called Funkoustic (fun-koo’-stik), and is founder of the New Rhythms & Arts Festival – a festival designed to showcase fresh new talent from the Chicagoland area.

Members of Chip Ratliff & The Electric Chittlin’ Stew are no less than some of the most talented musicians and vocalist available! They’ve played and sang with artist such as, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Chaka Khan, and many others.

Bottom line: this band is hot and tight! If you miss a performance, don’t say you didn’t know!

Learn more at chipratliff.net

About this Series: Live on the Lake!

This free, all ages concert is presented as part of Live on the Lake!, Navy Pier’s free summer music series in the Miller Lite Beer Garden

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