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Friday, September 7, 2018

Leinenkugel’s End of Summer Bash

6:00 pm - 10:15 pm

Join us in the Miller Lite Beer Garden to end the summer on a high note with free, live music from John Mayer cover band, Gravity, and a special fireworks show, presented by Leinenkugel’s!

Event Schedule

Friday, September 7, 2018

6:00PM – 7:30PM – Live Music: Rebel Soul Revival 

8:00PM – 9:45PM – Live Music:  Gravity – John Mayer Tribute Band 

10:00PM – Firework display over Lake Michigan

Saturday, September 8, 2018

6:00PM – 7:15PM – Live Music: Trippin Billies Set #1

7:45PM – 9:00PM – Live Music: Trippin Billies Set #2

About the Performers


Introducing the perfect young man to recreate the John Mayer Experience live, Sam Stacy!! Sam grew up in Lincoln Nebraska greatly influenced by Mayer’s Music. He remembers listening to Room for Squares over and over, on his parents’ Walkman in elementary school and the album Heavier Things on the car stereo in middle school. By the time Sam picked up the guitar at age 13, Continuum had been released. Naturally, the Hit Songs “Daughters” and “No Such Thing” were two of the first songs Sam learned to play. 

When Sam entered high school at Lincoln Southeast he began to dive deep into his musical career playing guitar and singing whenever he had the chance. He would play for several hours a day, eventually learning almost every song in Mayer’s discography. In college, Sam began gigging more, often playing with blues bands and jams in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Not only is Sam a whiz at guitar, he also obtained a degree in economics while pursuing his music. At a random Wednesday open mic in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sam was discovered by Music Veteran Justin Craig about fronting tribute concept called “Gravity.” The rest is history.

Rebel Soul Revival

Rebel Soul Revival navigates through classic southern rock waters, picking up elements of funk and jam rock along the way. 

​Matt Keen (guitar,vocals) had been developing the idea of a pure rock and roll group based on the music he loves for some time. The name he discovered early but it took years before his vision was realized. Founded in the summer of 2014 when Matt Keen met the incredibly talented Andrew Vogt and Max Popp, Rebel Soul Revival began working in and around Chicago.

Songs off the bands freshman EP ‘REBEL’ like ‘The Night’ tell tales of ancient Norse mythology and are indicative of the more ethereal side of the band. Keen is a rocker at heart and has always gotten straight to the point with his scorching vocals and killer guitar licks. On songs like ‘Left In Contention’ and ‘Help Me Baby’ which are reminiscent of early Doors and Zeppelin, Keen bends his guitar strings and his vocals as he screeches out his truths about the world he sees.

Trippin Billies

Born in the pubs on the north side of Chicago, reminiscent of Luther’s College, Trippin Billies took to the “stages” of these small rooms in the early nineties as an acoustic duo. It wasn’t long before lines grew to long for the small bars and calls started coming in from around the Midwest. As a result the band was forced to rise to the occasion, and they’ve done just that. 

Having the luxury of living in a city called home to many great musicians, Trippin Billies is comprised of some of Chicago’s best. This talent coupled with their mutual love of high energy performance has moved them above the bar band circuit and into concert settings. Whether it’s a club in Iowa City, a Hockey arena in North Dakota or a summer festival in Rochester, New York or Lincoln, Nebraska, the show is always the same, just that, a show.

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