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Friday, October 5, 2018 - Sunday, November 18, 2018

Michael St Maur Sheil: Fields of Battle – Lands of Peace: The Doughboys 1917-18

Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Fields of Battle at Navy Pier is generously supported by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation.

A unique portrait of the First World War battlefields, Fields of Battle – Lands of Peace: The Doughboys 1917-1918 is a powerful outdoor photographic exhibition series, by Michael St Maur Sheil, which tells of the healed scars of the First World War through our only remaining living witness: the fields of battle themselves.

Completely free to view, the exhibition brings us the story of reconciliation across the lands of the warring nations. Once places of devastating violence, we now see landscapes of great beauty, testament to peace and remembrance.

With a focus on education and ideal for adults and children alike, this engaging exhibition features meticulously researched content including archive images and fascinating facts to support Michael’s contemporary battlefield images.

Fields of Battle – Lands of Peace: The Doughboys 1917-18

‘Doughboys 1917-18’ is a photographic exhibition designed to be shown outdoors in public places thus providing easy access for the maximum number of people. Using simple, modular construction, it is easy to transport and construct, making it an ideal medium for reaching out to people in city centers across the United States.

The National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, is the organizing institution for this U.S. tour.

This exhibition, comprised of photographs of the battlefields as they are today together with archival photographs, will act as a visual gateway to the fields where the conflict was fought, thus enabling the visitor to see for themselves how one hundred years ago the history of the world was changed in such a dramatic and tragic fashion.

The exhibition is compelling in an outdoor setting. By being presented in public places, such as city parks and squares, this exhibition reaches people who have varied interests in the subject who are simply attracted by the power of the imagery, and does not require knowledge of World War I.

About the Photographer: Michael St Maur Sheil

Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace 14-18 is the work of photo-journalist, historian and battlefields guide, Michael St Maur Sheil. Captured over a period of eight years, Michael’s photography combines a passion for history and landscape and presents a unique reflection on the transformation of the battlefields of the Great War into the landscape of modern Europe.

Michael commented: “This collection represents a legacy which I hope will create a gateway to the battlefields themselves, thus encouraging people to visit these historic landscapes during the centennial period and so create awareness and understanding of the events and historical implications of the First World War”.

After studying Geography at Oxford, in the early 1970’s Mike began his life as a photo-journalist by covering ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Here he became associated with the New York picture agency, Black Star, and over thirty years later he is still in the fortunate position of being paid to do what he loves doing – taking photographs.

Michael has visited over 60 countries around the world, working for a wide range of clients such as ABC-TV, BBC, Anti-Slavery International, British Red Cross, European Commission, National Geographic, New York Times, Shell, Time & Time Life.

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