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World Premiere of Cadre | CST

World Premiere of Cadre | CST


February 11, 2013

Something brand new and exciting is on its way to Chicago Shakespeare Theater this Thursday, February 15! May we present Cadre, the CST’s brand new production, which isn’t only making its debut at Navy Pier this week; it’s also making its world premiere!

Chicago Shakespeare Theater and the Market Theatre of Johannesburg have partnered up to present this new work by South African artist Omphile Molusi, inspired by true events in the life of an activist before, and after, the South African apartheid era.

Back in 2010, the CST presented Molusi’s internationally acclaimed production, Itsoseng, a beautiful and darkly humorous solo show about Molusi’s South African hometown 13 years after apartheid, to rave reviews.

Now Molusi’s back with Cadre, a play exploring the life of a former soldier in the Azanian People’s Liberation Army who wishes for democracy, but struggles with feelings of disappointment and betrayal along the way. Moving in time between apartheid and post-apartheid periods, Cadre gives a voice to the countless unsung heroes who died while seeking a better future for South Africa.

Molusi, who loosely bases his works on his own life story, came from humble beginnings. He was born in Bodibe, a small village in northern South Africa near Botswana, and was raised by his grandmother until moving to Itsoteng to live with his mother. He originally studied electrical engineering, but after three years, dropped out and switched his focus to drama.

After graduating from Johannesburg’s Market Theatre Laboratory in 2004, Molusi began working as a freelance writer and actor, racking up a number of awards as well as a stint in the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company. Like many of his other works, Cadre was definitely a labor of love and hard work; after four years of thinking, writing, and revising eleven different drafts, Molusi is finally ready to present Cadre to the CST stage!

Cadre will only run February 15-23 here at Navy Pier before it moves on to the Market Theatre of Johannesburg. To purchase tickets to this spectacular and moving show, or any other upcoming CST productions, click here!


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