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The One and Only Windy City Circus at Navy Pier

February, 17-26, 2012 – Festival Hall at Navy Pier

Windy City Circus hosts their Inaugural show February 17-26 with Navy Pier serving as the Big-Top!

What’s a circus but a place where dreams come true? High-flying acrobats dazzle the imagination with fearless flight and animal tamers delight in the thrill of defying nature’s wrath!

David and Dania Maas are world famous performers who met when performing in a circus in New York City, where they conceived David & Dania’s Quick Change routine. This quickly became a renowned act seen on numerous television shows and at live events.

As David and Dania toured the world, David dreamed of creating a non-profit circus in the Chicago area. And in that dream the Windy City Circus was born!

With the launch of the Windy City Circus, David and Dania are fulfilling their long-time dream of creating a not-for-profit Big Top Circus in the Chicago area!

Many of the World’s most famous circus stars are eager to assist David and Dania in establishing the Windy City Circus as an on-going tradition in the Chicago area.

Windy City Circus Performances:

  • The Windy City Circus will provide spectators with an electrifying performance that will tweak the imagination of all those entering the show.  Audiences will delight in the artistry of great performers and be mesmerized as the show weaves vignettes spotlighting Chicago’s historical people and places.
  • All seats are within 50 feet of the ring!
  • The two hour performance will thrill the audience with international aerial and trapeze artists, clowns, jugglers, show horse and dog acts, and a myriad of fascinating characters and interactive experiences to dazzle and delight
  • The inaugural season of Windy City Circus will feature the world renowned David & Dania Quick Change routine.
  • The crowd will be guided through the event by David Maas who will also act as the Master of Ceremonies.


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