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THAWALLS at Navy Pier


April 14, 2017

Navy Pier is no stranger to great art. From the Driehaus Stained Glass Museum to the various exhibits that cycle in and out, the Pier is consistently a destination for artists and art lovers alike. This spring, the artistic scope of Navy Pier expanded as we welcomed the exciting event of “THAWALLS,” a multidisciplinary art exhibition/party and fundraiser on Thursday, March 9th.

Crossroads of Chicago Collaborative Arts

THAWALLS is an immersive artistic experience as artists from different media come together for a single exhibition. With visual artists curated by Threewalls, performing artists curated by Links Hall, and musicians curated by Constellation, THAWALLS is a collaborative arts event like none other in Chicago. Meet the crossroads of Chicago’s blossoming independent art scenes at THAWALLS. Chicago artistic institutions Threewalls, Links Hall, and Constellation collaborated in this creatively experimental extravaganza.

Public Salons

Since then, THAWALLS art exhibits have been on display for all of our guests to enjoy. There are also 6 more public salons throughout the spring season of 2017 as part of the exhibition. The purpose of these in-session salons is to foster critical conversations around visual and performing arts in Chicago. Some of the community’s leading artistic visionaries will be leading and attending these salons, making it likely that the conversations at these events will shape and inform the future of Chicago’s arts community.

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