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Tall Ship Windy Presents: Unrehearsed Shakespeare!

May 5, 2012

The Tall Ship Windy at Navy Pier presents The Comedy of Errors as you’ve never seen it before!  Take to the seas for this fast-paced, high-energy performance of Shakespeare’s classic comedy.  Combine the Tall Ship Windy and some good ‘ole Shakespeare and you’ve got an adventure waiting to happen!

What is Unrehearsed Shakespeare, asks thee?

Performing in the Unrehearsed Cue Script Technique with only their lines to guide them, these actors use cues and clues within the Elizabethan language to tell the story without a director’s orchestration.

Interactive Experience!

The result is an interactive audience experience full of intrigue, wonder, and surprise!

Experience this exciting live performance from the decks of Windy, where the show is performed throughout the ship and all around you!

The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company

The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company brings you The Comedy of Errors – this quintessential tale of mistaken identities and classic Elizabethan light comedy.

This will also mark Unrehearsed Shakespeare’s most challenging venue to date: a ship at sea! (at lake, technically). The performers will have a sail of approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to complete the performance while on a moving ship.

Get ready for some good ol’ fashioned “Wait, if you’re here, then who… I thought you were… whuh?”


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