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Tall Ship: STV Pathfinder

Tall Ship: STV Pathfinder

August 4, 2013

Calling all Sailors! Tall Ships Chicago 2013 is one of Navy Pier’s most popular events and this year we welcome 14 historic tall ships August 7-11, 2013! Tall Ships Chicago is perfect for anyone from families wanting to spend a day by the water and learn about these majestic ships to the most experienced sailors and everyone in between!

One of the beautiful ships that will be at the festival this year is the STV Pathfinder, (STV- sail training vessel), hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Constructed in 1963, she is no stranger to the Great Lakes.The STV Pathfinder is part of an organization called Toronto Brigantine (TB). TB is a non-for-profit dedicated to safely exposing youth to life at sea and teaching them how to sail. During a program aboard Pathfinder, there are usually 28 crew members within the ages of 13-18. The Captain is the only adult on the vessel during programs. The rest of the breakdown of the crew members are, 1 Captain, 1 First Mate, 3 Watch Officers, 1 Bonsun (who is responsible for maintenance and repairs while at sea), 1 Cook, 3 Petty Officers and 18 Trainees.

This particular vessel is called a brigantine. Brigantine comes from the Italian word bringantino, which means pirate ship. It is a two-masted square-rigged ship with fore-and aft rigged sails on the mainmast, versus a brig that has square sails on both masts.

Coming to see this vessel at Navy Pier could spark an interest in sailing or learning about ships in general.  Who knows, it may even show your teens that they can go a different route next summer than your average summer camp, by setting sail aboard a Tall Ship!

During the Tall Ships Festival, visitors can walk the festival grounds, go aboard the ships or even sail away on a cruise! You can by individual or group tickets here! There are many other fun-filled activities, including fireworks Wednesday through Saturday. It truly is an educational experience so bring the whole family out for this magical event!

More Information on Toronto Brigantine.


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