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Snow Days 2013 | Navy Pier



January 11, 2013

Some artists use paint and a canvas to create beautiful art. Others use clay, charcoal, marble, or the film from a camera. Still others create spectacular pieces out of everyday found objects: spare change, automobile parts, seashells discovered on a beach.

Here at the Pier we aim to introduce visitors to art in its many varied forms. From our Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows to the massive sculptures in our BIGart exhibit to the two contemporary art expos we hosted this past fall, we open many eyes to the real possibilities artwork holds.

And from January 25-27, the Pier shows off a different kind of art with a very wintery theme.

Snow Days 2013 brings back the snow and the terrific designs in the festive and highly competitive snow sculpture contest!

If you haven’t been to Snow Days before, here’s what you can expect! Like previous years, our weekend winter festival will be held outdoors in the beautiful space of Gateway Park and takes a hint from the season by featuring a snowboarding  obstacle course and other wintery family fun activities.

But one of the most magical parts of the three-day event is the snow sculpture competition! Professional teams from near and far work up a creative plan and over the course of the weekend set to sculpting! What starts off as a 10-foot block of man-made snow is transformed into a beautiful life-size work of art!

Last year’s artists brought us polar and grizzly bears, dancing dinosaurs, kissing fish, and a skeleton, among other fabulous creations!

What designs do you hope the artists participating in this year’s Snow Days will bring to life?

If you want to find out, you’ll just have to make your way over to Gateway Park for our free Snow Days weekend, January 25-27!


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