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Shopping the Pier!

April 18, 2012

What is one thing mostly all women love to do? Go SHOPPING! Who does not love to shop? Most women love this! And we have many great shops for you to shop at! From apparel & accessories to snacks and candy, there is a perfect place for everyone!

One of the most popular shops we have at the Pier for snacks is Garrett’s Popcorn. Everyone loves popcorn and the out-of-towners fall head over heels for Garrett’s! Just like Chicagoans.

Garrett’s offers different flavored popcorn and allowing the customers to mix the popcorn however they desire. They make their popcorn fresh daily and make sure it is only the best when sold to you.

Handbag couture is an ultimate favorite, but women. Just as the title explains it has handbags, but endless handbags. To the point where it leaves you stuck on which to get. The bags are of reasonable price and have just about every style to fit everyone.

Margaritaville Store is a popular among many whom come to visits. They sell a variety of things from apparel to eyewear to drink ware to even bags. There is something in this store for everyone and of course there are kid friendly items available.

Everyone gets a kick out of the Life in the Windy City store. It is an apparel store celebrating the outdoor climate in a fun and humorous way. There are shirts, sweaters and much more, each with a unique and fun slogan or saying printed on it.

Navy Pier has a lot to offer for shoppers of all tastes and budgets. The list goes on and on. Come out today to see all of the different stores we have to offer!


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