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Pier Park is now open!

Pier Park is NOW open to the public! That mean’s fun, fun, fun! Everyone is able to enjoy the outdoor rides and attractions here! So the question is…which one will you enjoy first?

Ferris Wheel

This is no ordinary Ferris wheel. You will go up to 150-feet in the air and will enjoy the ride for seven minutes with great views! You get amazing views of the Chicago skyline and lake. There are 40 gondolas that each can fit up to six people. When daylight falls and the stars take over the night sky the Ferris wheel is illuminated with thousands of sparkling lights!

Musical Carousel

Which one of the 36 hand- printed animals will you ride as you go ‘round and ‘round? The art on the carousel will take you back to the 1920s. This attraction is a nice, calming ride that can be enjoyed by anyone.  Tap your toes to the music as you go around… and ‘round… and ‘round.

Wave Swinger

The Wave Swinger is one of the favorites here at Pier Park. There are 48 seats that go 40- feet up in the air over a pond. What fun! Which seat will be yours?


There are many great attractions we have to offer for the whole family here at Pier Park. Come see what we have for you today!


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