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Othello: The Remix | CST

Othello: The Remix | CST


March 25, 2013

When it comes to understanding a piece of difficult writing, sometimes putting it into your own words is the best method. That’s exactly what the exciting, young directing and composing duo, GQ and JQ, decided to do with Shakespeare. They take the dazzling work of the most well-known author in history and remake his plays into something fresh, contemporary, and best of all, easy for everyone to understand.

And they’re bringing a new creation to Navy Pier’s own Chicago Shakespeare Theater! Let us introduce you to Othello: The Remix, a hip hop adaptation of the play by the same name!

This production, commissioned and developed by CST’s own Creative Producer Rick Boynton along with the Q Brothers, has had a very successful European run with the backing of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater! It premiered at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, toured in Germany and Edinburgh, and eventually won the high honors of Best Musical and Best Lyrics awards at the Musical Theatre Awards at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2012. And now it’s finally on its way home to Chicago!

Othello: The Remix follows the traditional story of Othello by centering on a character of the same name. In the Q Brothers’ urban retelling, Othello escapes the ghetto through his musical talents and rises to the top of the charts, falling in love with a beautiful singer named Desdemona along the way. After a series of lies and betrayals, Othello tragically kills Desdemona and takes his own life.

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater will host the show for over a month! From March 12 until April 28, Othello: The Remix will take over the CST’s Upstairs stage with funky beats, rhythm, high energy, and of course Shakespeare’s beautiful story.

So come out and enjoy a spectacular reimagining of Shakespeare, full of great music, acting, and the amazing company of the multi-talented Q Brothers.

Tickets are available now. Pick yours up today!



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