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New York Times College Fair

April 26, 2012

It’s that time of year again! What would you decided? Where will you go? So many choices! Let’s just all visit them together at once and find out more then you thought you already knew! Now what are we talking about? The New York Times College Fair is coming to Navy Pier May 31st.

All-In-One Informational Day

New York Times is teaming up with The Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling and Chicago Public Schools for the fair. This event is made to help both students and parents get a better understanding of the college life. From admissions, on campus living, financial aid, and anything you can possible think to ask a college representative. They will have all the answers for you. For those parents who cannot make it with their student, CPS schools and other area school have agreed to bring in thousands of students via bus.

The fair will be split into two blocks. The first block is from 9 am to 2pm which will mainly contain all CPS schools and any other schools that are busing their students in. Then for the second block 5pm to 8pm will allow other students to come, but both sessions are open to everyone.

Free Event!

Anyone that wants to attend this event does not require a registration prior to the event and is free, but once arriving each attendee with receive an ID badge to help with identification purposes and to assist in collecting leads.

This is the perfect time to finally buckle down and narrowing your schools choices down and what is more perfect than a college fair!


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