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Navy Pier like a local!

April 27, 2012

Navy Pier is not just a tourist attraction, but a great place for the locals of Chicago to visit! So there’s no need to be a tourist of the wonderful city of Chicago to enjoy Navy Pier! The amounts of things to do at Navy Pier are endless!

Beautiful Views

Navy Pier has a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline and of Lake Michigan. It is the absolute perfect place to take a jog or bike ride. Change up your routine this weekend and get a workout by taking a run around the Pier. The Pier is just shy of a mile each way, so you’ll be sure to get those calf muscles burning.

Gateway Park

Gateway Park at Navy Pier is a gorgeous place for a picnic. Grab your special someone and put together a meal to be shared at the park with one another. It’s a perfect idea for any occasion, date or just a simple lunch together. Enjoy each other’s company while listening to the birds flying by in this peaceful atmosphere.

Fishing off the Pier

One of the many things to do at Navy Pier is fishing. Locals can be found fishing off the north side of the Pier all the time. It’s open to the public so anyone can join in. Bring a pole, fishing line and some bait and have a great day fishing at Navy Pier!

Want to enjoy a relaxing day away from work or school? Navy Pier is the perfect environment to relax the day away. Sit outside on one of the benches and watch the waves or stay inside by the Family Pavilion Stage and watch the people walking by. Grab a drink and feel the stress from the week just melt away.

No matter the day, there are always things to do at Navy Pier! Enjoy being a local of Chicago by visiting Navy Pier today!


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