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Navy Pier has moved 4.1 inches to the north!

April 1, 2012

Navy Pier needs your help! The Pier has slipped 4.1 inches to the north and we need your suggestions on how to move it back! According to General Canard of the Army Corps of Engineers, Navy Pier has been slowly creeping north towards Wisconsin for the last century.

There is much debate and speculation as to exactly what is causing Chicago’s most popular tourist destination to inch its way out of town, but General Canard believes the need for a resolution is clear.

“We simply cannot stand by and watch as Navy Pier leaves Chicago,” said General Canard, “We’ve got to do something!”

Tell us how you would move the Pier back!

In an unprecedented call for support, General Canard has issued a public request for your suggestions on how to pull the Pier back into its original location.

“We’ve tossed around some ideas like using thousands of balloons and a small army of tug boats… to some even more elaborate plans that include rockets and submarines,” said General Canard.

Send in your suggestions to day for ways to pull the Pier back into its rightful place, before it slips right out of Chicago!



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