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Julius Caesar | CST

Julius Caesar | CST


February 4, 2013

“Beware the Ides of March,” or in this case, beware February 5 through March 24 when the powerful tragedy Julius Caesar comes to life in a contemporary retelling on the Chicago Shakespeare Theater stage.

The play, originally written by William Shakespeare and performed in the early 1600s, tells a story of betrayal, conspiracy, and power. The action revolves around Julius Caesar, a Roman statesman, who is warned by a soothsayer to “beware the Ides of March,” or in translation, to fear March 15th. Ignoring the prophecy, Caesar heads to the Capitol where he is assassinated by Marcus Brutus and a group of Roman senators. The play leaves off with Brutus deciding to bring his country to war.

Julius Caesar will be under the direction of Jonathan Munby, whose work has been seen on the stages of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe. In this contemporary staging of the tragedy, Munby connects Shakespeare’s themes with questions that still trouble us today like, “What are the consequences of power?” and “What transpires when you take away the structure?”

And not only is CST performing this modern spin on the classic tragedy, but it’s also hosting Audience Enrichment. Audience Enrichment experiences offer the audience the opportunity to learn more about the production from a team of university scholars. These lectures are held an hour before curtain on select Saturdays and Sundays throughout the run. And don’t forget about the Pub Cast Call on Friday, March 8, which gives ticket holders the chance to have a drink with the cast!

Munby will bring one of Shakespeare’s most powerful plays to the Chicago South Courtyard Theater just in time for Valentine’s Day. With CST’s convenient location at Navy Pier, audience members can easily plan the perfect date night around the show. Navy Pier offers many places for dinner including Harry Caray’s Tavern, Riva Crab House, Capi’s Italian Kitchen, Bubba Gump and the famous Billy Goat Tavern. Grab a “Cheezborger” before watching Julius Caesar’s power pulled out from under his feet.

With Valentine’s Day so close to opening night, and Navy Pier the ideal romantic location in Chicago, adding Julius Caesar to your itinerary is bound to create the perfect evening. Get your tickets here!


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