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The Hindu | Tall Ships Chicago 2013

The Hindu | Tall Ships Chicago 2013

July 29, 2013

The “Hindu” is one of the fourteen magnificent tall ships set to sail into Chicago for the Tall Ships Festival presented by Pepsi. Like with almost every tall ship, you bet there is a tall tale to tell when it comes to this 79-foot beauty.

Formerly known as “Princess Pat,” she started off as a pleasure yacht designed by William Hand of Portland, Maine and was built by the Hodgdon Brothers in 1925. She belonged to a wealthy family who named her after a British princess who sewed banners by hand for Canadian military. Later, sold to William A. Parker, She soon became “Saispas” (French for “do not know”), and then “Anna Lee Ames”. Parker finally christened her “Hindu” after a journey to India In 1938 where he set out to retrieve spices in India for the trade in the U.S.

During World War II, “Hindu” went through a military makeover. Painted grey with a machine gun mounted on her foredeck, she set out to sea to patrol German U-boats for the U.S. Navy. After being hard at war, she settled in Provincetown, Massachusetts where she was used primarily as a charter vessel that later helped in the whale-watching industry.

After a long run, she resided in a Massachusetts boatyard where she was beyond repair until Kevin Foley found the support to fully rebuild her again and sailed the seas of the Key West. Sadly, she became neglected again until William Rowan bought her in 2012 from a Key West boatyard and restored her to the majestic beauty she is today.

The Hindu can hold 6 crew members (soon anticipating 34), and since her recent restoration by the Rowan family, she’s ready to take you on one of the most historic and pleasurable yacht journey you have ever been on!  You can book your voyage here and experience the rich history for yourself. And don’t forget to see her at the Pier during our Tall Ships 2013 festival! Get your tickets here!


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