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Fun Facts about Winter WonderFest

December 23, 2013

WWF 2013 Preview Night 1 GKP -6‘Tis the season for too much fun at Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier presented by Bank of America! We’ve been in full celebratory swing for more than two weeks here at Winter WonderFest, and by now you’ve probably at least heard about all the attractions, rides, and entertainment this spectacular indoor extravaganza has to offer, if not experienced them for yourself!

Between the merry and bright decorations, the thrilling and chilling Ice Line Express Zip Line, the swirly spinning Hot Cocoa Cups, and inflatable bounce houses galore (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg), there is enough entertainment at Winter WonderFest to keep you occupied straight through to spring; but have you ever thought about what goes into setting up this epic indoor event? The stats are staggering! Those of you who have visited know firsthand that it is quite the spectacle, so here are some fun facts to give you an idea of just what goes into building this whimsical winter wonderland!


Fun Facts about the Preparation of Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier:

  1. When did Navy Pier first present Winter WonderFest?
    a. This annual holiday celebration began in 2001. This is its 13th year!
  2. How many people attend Winter WonderFest each year?
    a. Last year we broke all records with an estimated 625,000 visitors!
  3. How large is Winter WonderFest?
    a. The event spans 170,000 square feet with more than 25 rides and attractions.
  4. How many days does it take to set up Winter WonderFest?
    a. 10 days
  5. How many hours go into producing this event?
    a. More than 14,000
  6. How much carpeting is used?
    a. 16,000 yards (144,000 square feet)
  7. How many lights are there?
    a. More than 250,000 lights
  8. How many trees are there?
    a. Approximately 450-500 trees
  9. How many ornaments are there?
    a. A total of 25,000 ornaments are hung among 95 trees (one of which is the giant decorated tree and centerpiece of Winter WonderFest that stands 42 feet tall and has 3,200 lights!). The remaining 400 trees are left natural and undecorated.
  10. How many miles of ornament wire are used?
    a. 1 mile
  11. How many days does it take to install the Chicago Blackhawks Indoor Ice Skating Rink?
    a. 9 days
  12. How large is the Chicago Blackhawks Indoor Ice Skating Rink?
    a. 10,608 square feet, or 68 feet by 156 feet (An NHL rink measures 85 feet by 200 feet.)
  13. How many gallons of water does it take to fill the Chicago Blackhawks Indoor Ice Skating Rink?
    a. 13,325 gallons of water are used to produce ice that is 2 inches thick.
  14. How much sand is used under the ice?
    a. 90 tons of sand
  15. What is the average number of people who skate each day?
    a. More than 1,425 skaters glide across the Chicago Blackhawks Indoor Ice Skating Rink each day.
  16. How many cookies are decorated at the Pepsi® Create-A-Cookie Cottage?
    a. More than 30,000

Phew! That’s a whole lot of people, time, space, and supplies! As you can see, we put a lot of effort, care, and holiday cheer into making Winter WonderFest the best it can be for our visitors, and we thank all of you who come to frolic in our festive winter fantasy world. Without you, it wouldn’t be the magical, spectacular event that it is and has been for the past 13 years!

If you haven’t visited yet, don’t worry! You still have through January 12, 2014 to come bask in the holiday glow and get your fill of winter merriment. Find hours, ticket information, and other details on the Winter WonderFest website.

What’s your favorite part of Winter WonderFest, or if you haven’t been yet, what are you most looking forward to?


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