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The Fear is Here: Guard Your Brains

October 14, 2014

Chicago’s only floating haunted house is “Zombie Containment,” an all-new “Fear” experience and barge of the undead, brought to you by Zombie Army Productions, the creators of The Fear at Navy Pier and Statesville Haunted Prison.

A zombie outbreak has struck the nation! Hired by the Government, Merikorp Industries is studying the zombie disease to find a vaccine and keep the zombie outbreak under control. With an understanding of the infection under their belts, Merikorp has kept citizens safe from the undead one zombie at a time. And this fall, Merikorp Zombie Containment Research Facilities is opening itself to the public for tours at Navy Pier.

Gaze into the eyes of the walking dead and observe how the infected are handled throughout various stages of testing and research. Your tour guide, Al, will lead you through Merikorp’s floating facilities and keep you out of harm’s way…probably.

This zombie-ridden barge can be found on the northeast corner of the Pier, across from the Landshark Beer Garden, from October 2 through November 2. ”Zombie Containment” features a High Scare, adult-themed haunted house Thursday-Sunday nights and a daytime Low Scare, lights on experience from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and Columbus Day. Be sure to save your ticket too and enjoy 20% off food at the Landshark Beer Garden.

After outrunning the undead, hungry for brains, you’ll certainly need to refuel.

Embrace a scare or two this Halloween season and buy your tickets now, before it’s too late!  Make sure to take advantage of our special discount codes to save on $5 or $2 off your advanced Zombie Containment tickets! Heading over with a big group? Take advantage of our special group rates for 20 or more!


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