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December 17, 2012

Two hundred years ago, the brilliant English writer – Charles Dickens – was born in Portsmouth, England, and two hundred years later we’re still marveling over his work. No one created full and complicated characters or portrayed Victorian society quite like Dickens; very few authors also experienced the popularity and success Dickens knew during his lifetime.

But how many of us have actually read a Dickens’ novel? Maybe you read an abbreviated version of The Adventures of Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol back in middle school or started Great Expectations, but weren’t able to make it past the first fifty pages. Very few of us, though, can proudly declare that we made it through the monstrously long David Copperfield and Bleak House, let alone Dickens’ entire oeuvre.

Don’t let Dickens get the best of you! Buy your tickets to see the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s Dickens’ Women for a very limited run from December 18-22 and walk away a small expert on many of Dickens’ most iconic characters!

And not only will you be introduced to 23 different characters (some notable, others less notable) in this two-hour play, but you’ll also be treated to the renowned British actress who plays all 23 of them! Miriam Margolyes, best-known by American audiences as Professor Sprout from the Harry Potter series, breathes life into Dickens’ female and male characters and in the process reveals a lot about the author himself.

You won’t want to miss this pre-Christmas show and with only six performances in the Carl and Marilynn Thoma Theater Upstairs at the CST, pick up those tickets soon!


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