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Dennis Watkins – Award-Winning Magician at Navy Pier’s Really Big Halloween Party

October 6, 2011

Magician Dennis Watkins, who currently lives in Chicago, grew up surrounded by magic.  His late grandfather was a teacher who excelled at “close-up” tricks and ran one of this country’s earliest mail order magic shops!

Now, Dennis Watkins will perform at Navy Pier’s Really Big Halloween Party every day of the party, with a special trick that will definitely be a treat!!!

Upside-Down Water Chamber Escape

Watkins will perform Harry Houdini’s most feared and dreaded Upside-Down Water Chamber Escape daily at Navy Pier’s Really Big Halloween Party, presented in cooperation with the House Theatre of Chicago.

Most of Watkins’ magic involves audience members and he greatly enjoys interacting and doing strolling magic, bringing you even closer to the action.


More than just magic!

In addition to his magic show, Watkins owns The House Theater in Chicago.  The venue specializes in original script plays and will celebrate 10 years in January with one of its most popular plays, “Death and Harry Houdini.”

Watkins will play the lead role and perform all of the tricks included in the production, including the famous Water Torture Cell finale.


Award-Winning and Classically-Trained Magician!

Watkins has received numerous awards and honors from such organizations as the Texas Association of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Desert Magic Seminar, and he brings the highest standard of live entertainment to events nationwide!

A classically trained actor with degrees in performance from Southern Methodist University and the British American Drama Academy, Watkins’ shows have wowed audiences in virtually every type of venue!


Dennis Watkins Perfroming Live at Navy Pier’s Really Big Halloween Party!!! 


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