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Chicago Shakespeare Theater Brings New Fun to Holiday Plays


December 6, 2013

What with family and friends coming to town and lots of vacation time to fill, the holidays are always a great time to take in a show. If you’re thinking of visiting the theater this season, make the Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier your destination! With both The Merry Wives of Windsor and A Q Brothers’ Christmas Carol on the bill for the holidays, we have something for every show-goer to enjoy.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater is shaking things up this Christmas season by putting a modern spin on some classic stories. A beloved Shakespeare staple, The Merry Wives of Windsor is reinvented in Artistic Director Barbara Gaines’ new interpretation of this classic comedy. Gaines transports the play from 15th century England to the late 1940s, embedding the plot in a delightful setting of swing music, spirited dancing, and full ‘40s attire. The performance remains true to the original story, following the shenanigans of financially insecure Sir John Falstaff as he tries to seduce two of the wealthiest wives in Windsor, which will please the purists who come to see this performance. However, for those who are less classically inclined, the revamped environment and 1940s setting give this time-tested tale a jolt of energy that is sure to captivate any audience. Shakespeare and swing dancing? Sounds like a good time to us!

You can catch The Merry Wives of Windsor now through January 19! Find more information on the Chicago Shakespeare Theater website.

If you’re looking for something a bit more seasonal to get you and your family in the holiday spirit, be sure to check out A Q Brothers’ Christmas Carol, a “remixed” version of the Charles Dickens classic. From the creators of Othello: The Remix, this contemporary take on the renowned Christmas tale gives the story a fun and fresh new feel that will have everyone in the audience dancing along. It’s an infusion of old and new as the Q Brothers and DJ Super Nova bring hip-hop, reggae, epic rock ballads, dancehall, and dubsteb to the classic Dickens tome. (We bet you never thought you’d hear “Dickens” and “dubstep” in the same sentence!) This is an energetic show that adults and kids alike will enjoy, so bring the whole family down!

The Q Brothers are taking a brief break from their current world tour to put on this special holiday performance, so catch them while you have the chance, now through December 22! Visit our website for more information.

Whether you have a taste for the classic or the contemporary, Chicago Shakespeare Theater has something for everyone to enjoy this winter. Bring the family to Navy Pier and take in a show together this holiday season!



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