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Chicago Shakes – Timon of Athens

April 13, 2012

Haven’t been to the theater lately? Come by the Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier and check out one of their new and/or upcoming shows! The upcoming shows include Being Shakespeare and Timon of Athens. A History of Everything and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart are two shows that are coming up in a few months, so be sure to check those out as well!

Timon of Athens
Is anyone capable of resisting the seductive power of wealth? In a high-risk world of quick profits and borrowed luxury, Timon is a god among men. But when the tides of monetary fortune turn, and his former friends become ruthless creditors, Timon is left in financial freefall.

The story…

Timon is the toast of Athens. His pocketbook is open to all and the admiring hordes sing his praises and lavishly share his wealth. Alcibiades, the great defender of Athens, is among those who feast on Timon’s bounty. Timon’s gifts seem endless and, as his followers gather at this banquet table, their benefactor toasts to the power and reciprocity of friendship. But Timon’s money is not his own and creditors come calling. Ignoring the warnings of his loyal steward Flavius and assured he can rely on the support of friends, Timon asks for help all over Athens. He receives excuses in return. Even as they enjoy his gifts, his former friends abandon him. Crazed by their betrayal, Timon throws a final banquet of stones and warm water to his stunned guests.

Timon of
Athens will be playing April 24-June 10, 2012, at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier!


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