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Chicago Shakes – The Feast: An Intimate Tempest

January 16, 2012

Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents The Feast: An Intimate Tempest

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare Theater
January 18 – March 11, 2012

Chicago Shakespeare Theater will be showing The Feast: An Intimate Tempest this Jan. 8 through March 11 at the Upstairs Theater.

The bold collision of text with extraordinary objects and imagery ignites this muscular, innovative retelling of Shakespeare’s lyrical tale. Darkly imagined in the transformative space upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Prospero’s illusory island sets the stage for The Feast: An intimate Tempest brought to life by three actors, a menagerie of handcrafted puppets, original music and hypnotic animations. Possibilities abound as Ariel and Caliban sit down at their captor’s dinner table to assert their independence and petition for freedom.

A large table nearly fills the stage. Native to this island, Caliban and the spirit Ariel sit in chains at their captor’s dinner table, where Prospero commands that they retell, once more, his story—the story of The Tempest which brought him to this island, where for years he has ruled over them. The two unwillingly begin and, with the help of puppets and extraordinary objects of “rough magic,” the other characters from this story take shape, one by one…

Prospero eventually settles the score with his enemies—surprising all with the power he discovers in his hands and heart. How’s that for a plot?

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