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Buggin’ Out at Chicago Children’s Museum

April 23, 2012

The Chicago Children’s Museum is Buggin’ Out this month! Flap your wings and join the swarm at Navy Pier for the entire month of April!

Who can remember playing in the mud as a child and seeing an earthworm; or what about running around the yard trying to catch butterflies or lightning bugs? You might have found bugs and kept them as pets, at least until your parents found out and told you to set them free. Everyone has these memories when they were younger. So why not create some new memories with your kids and enjoy an afternoon Buggin’ Out at Navy Pier!

Buzz on down to Navy Pier and check out some of the activities at Buggin’ Out! We promise you and your children will have a blast!

Wacky Bug Hunt: Do you know how far a flea can jump? How does a butterfly taste its food? Complete all six challenges in your Bug Booklet and earn a sticker for the back page!

Wearable Bugs: Make giant moth wings you can flap and flutter through our twinkling, glow-in-the-dark BIG Buggy Backyard!

Bug Bling: Design a roach broach, a beetle boutonniere or a ladybug barrette, as you learn some fascinating facts about insects.

Bug Flash Mob: Get ready to shake your thorax, when you join our swarm and boogie like a bug!

Wanna Eat…a BUG? (Sat. only): Yep, they’re real. Don’t miss a chance to sample a toasted ant—if you dare!

Itty Bitty Nature Drawings: Come down to the art studio to check out a cricket, pet some plants, and then create your own drawing to take home!
We hope to see you all there!


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