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Beauty and the Beast | CST

July 27, 2012

Now playing at the Chicago Shakespeare Courtyard Theater – right here on the Pier!


From the stunning opening sequence to the rafter-raising final song, The Chicago Shakespeare Theater is bringing this majestic Disney classic to life all summer, with a rich, spellbinding energy you can’t find at another Chicago venue. With a splendid set, masterful costume work, and a dedicated cast, this musical production effortlessly pulls its audience straight into the magical world of dreams and adventures that we all believed in once upon a time.


Get tickets for this timeless tale and allow yourself – and your children – to be charmed by the friendly Lumiere, coddled by the kind Mrs. Potts, and endlessly entertained by the brutish and burly Gaston, as these characters are brought to life on the stage.


You will laugh, you may cry, and you will certainly want to sing along, thanks to beautifully vocalized versions of some of Disney’s most beloved songs.


This summer, there is no question – Beauty and the Beast is a mustsee for the entire family. Come share in a love story as old as time, with a production that not only resembles, but rivals the enchanting success of the animated film.

Performance runs now through August 26th


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