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Action, Mystery, and More at Navy Pier IMAX!

i-frankensteinSo you saw The Hobbit twice and you’re looking for the next epic to get you through that long winter lull? Film fanatics rejoice, for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit arrives at Navy Pier IMAX on January 17, 2014 for a one week, limited release, followed by  I, Frankenstein on January 24, 2014! If CIA dramas are your forte or you’re mad for monster movies, then each of one of these book-based blockbusters is sure to have you on the edge of your seat upon their premiere.

Today’s release of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is just what Tom Clancy fans have been waiting for! The dramatic thriller takes you into the world of the secret service with action at every turn. When you’re the only one with the know-how to save the world as we know it, who can you trust? Find out how Jack Ryan handles the pressure and pick up your tickets tonight! The movie will only be in IMAX for one week, don’t miss it!

With a dystopian setting reminiscent of The Hunger Games and a cast of mythical characters rivaling that of The Hobbit trilogy, I, Frankenstein is the perfect follow-up film to give audiences their next fantasy fix. This action-packed thriller features an epic battle between gargoyles and demons as each side races to discover the secret to Adam Frankenstein’s immortality, and with it the key to ultimate power. Frankenstein’s eternal monster, who has now been in existence for hundreds of years, finds himself swept up in the midst of this monstrous war as both factions fight to rule over Earth.

If entering an action-packed world where demons, gargoyles, and immortal monsters exist sounds like a thrill to you, then join us on January 24, 2014! It’s been almost 200 years since Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein’s monster into existence—aren’t you curious to see what he’s been up to all this time? Find out next Friday!

Of course, the only way to experience any action-packed film is the IMAX experience! Digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of an IMAX  Experience, both films will blur the line between fantasy and reality and take you into another world.


Have you read the graphic novel that the I, Frankenstein film is based on or the novel by Tom Clancy? What are you most looking forward to about either film adaptation?


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